Trucking company cited for lack of training, programs for work in permit-required confined spaces:

A trucking company was recently cited by OSHA for violating the health and safety rules up to 11 in number and one out of them was done willingly. This was done because of lack of their confined space program and other dangers at the work place. This issue got attention after the death of a worker who was cleaning a tank without any training and this lead to his death because of oxygen-deficient atmosphere in April.

Another violation was also seen from the trucking company which was willful and it was the failure in the maintenance of air monitoring equipments and proper check of the space conditions before entry.

Some serious violations seen failing to:

  • Prevention of open floor holes falling into the next level
  • Maintain a railing around the tank cleaning area to prevent the hazards of falling
  • Train the workers in specific places and communication while situation is hazardous
  • Implement the respirator in specific places and also to conduct hazard communications programs by the employers

Some other violations were lack of certifications of the confined space trainings and also lack of insurance of proper label mentioning of hazardous chemicals containing drums.