Record of Duty Status & Hours of Service Compliance Audit

Mann Consultant Services, Inc. will amaze you like we have amazed our clients with our State of the Art Record of Duty Status Audits. We have made significant investments in technology that provides our clients with timely accurate and detailed reports.

Customers send the logs to our home office in Elizabethtown, KY, or if your drivers that send logs via TransFlo, we can pull a copy from TransFlo. Customers are not limited to a type of log; clients can use any log they choose.

Every log is audited for the 11Hour Rule, 14 Hour Rule, 70 Hour Rule, and Form and Manner violations. Clients can have additional audits including Fueling Verification and Point-to-Point Verification.

Driver Violation Reports and Manager Reports are provided detailing all types violations, dates of violations, and beginning and ending times of the violations. These reports are excellent tool for determining which drivers are in non-compliance. Additionally our clients use these reports in conjunction with their Hours of Service Policy.

Generally, logs are returned within one week to you for record retention requirements.

Controlled Substance and Alcohol

Mann Consultant Services, Inc. is proud to offer two types of Controlled Substance and Alcohol programs. Both programs meet the 49CFR382 and Part 40 requirements for random selection and you decide which one is a better fit for your business.

Random Consortium

This program put your drivers in a pool of over 6000 with other drivers from other clients. These clients must have a proven track record of completing random tests to maintain their status in our consortium. Every year our consortium has met the required testing requirements.

Client Random

If you would rather not be in a consortium, this program puts your drivers in your own pool.Clients in both programs are notified of selections, compliance and receive Bi-Annual Statistical Summaries.

Driver Qualification Files & Notification

There is an enormous cost and risk associated with incomplete / inaccurate Driver Qualification files. During an audit there is a huge potential for fines and drivers are at risk of placed Out-of-Service at a roadside inspection because of an expired Drivers License, Medical Certificate, etc.

Mann Consultant Services, Inc. will audit your files in accordance with 49CFR391and notify you of all non-compliance issues. This will reduce your risk of fines during an audit. Additionally, Mann Consultant Services, Inc. contact clients 90, 60, and 30 days in advance notifying them of their drivers with up coming Department of Transportation expirations.
This allows our clients to be proactive in maintaining compliance and keeps the trucks moving.

Policy & Form Compliance

Does your Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy meet the requirements set forth in the regulations? Is your Haz-Mat Security Plan detailed enough? Mann Consultant Services, Inc. has reviewed and assisted hundreds of clients with written policies. These policies are customized to our clients business and exceed the regulation requirements.

Mann Consultant Services, Inc. has a variety of Department of Transportation approved forms that can be customized with your companys information and logo.

Mock Federal Audit

Our Safety Consultants have over 100 years of combined experience conducting Safety Audits of Motor Carriers that mirror a Federal Audits. These audits assist our clients in positioning themselves for potential Federal Audits, Insurance Negotiation, and Maintaining or Increasing customer base.

An experienced Safety Consultant will notify you of all non-compliance issues, and provide you realistic solutions that fit your individual situation.

Safety Management Plans

After a Proposed Safety Rating is issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, your Safety Rating can be upgraded with a comprehensive Safety Management Plan.

Our Safety Consultants will address each violation, provide solutions that are in compliance and fit your individual business and prepare a Safety Management Plan for a Safety Rating Upgrade.


Mann Consultant Services, Inc. offers an array of training for your Safety Department, Staff, drivers, and management. Training topics range from Safety Manager Training to Reasonable Suspicion Training to driver meetings. Certificates of completion are issued after successfully completing that training.

Improving your Safety Rating with the FMCSA has the following affects:

  1. Reduce potential for fines issued for noncompliance with the regulations.
  2. Reduce liability insurance premiums.
  3. Reduce potential punitive lawsuit at the time of an accident.
  4. Reduce time Commercial Motor Vehicles spend at DOT scales.
  5. Increase Customer base.

In addition to our services, Mann Consultant Services, Inc. purchases J.J. Keller supplies in bulk quantities and passes the savings directly to our Motor Carriers.

Working with over 750 Motor Carriers, with the number of drivers or owner / operators ranging from 1 to over 3,000, Mann Consultant Services, Inc. has a proven record of successfully improving Safety Ratings by;