OSHA announces proposed new rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses:

According to OSHA, safety and health of work place can be improved by keeping a complete record of injuries and illnesses at the work place. According to the annual Occupational Injuries and Illnesses report by Bureau of Labor Statistics, about three million workers got injured in 2012 while they were on their duty.

According to the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, three million injuries being reported in the workers is a very large figure. He also said that changes being made in the rules will help out the employers, employees, government and researchers for having the better approach to data that will help to decrease the hazards improve the safety at the work place and will help in avoiding the injuries and fatalities. Also employer’s duty got increased in transmitting the records of all kind to OSHA.

The rules about the workers safety were set after a proper meeting of stake holders and it was to help out the OSHA in collecting information about electronic submission of any kind of injury or illness at the work place. OSHA is working for the record that is keeping right now with them to change it into electronic for the injuries and illnesses that the employers were already to keep according to the required standards. The first requirement was imposed for about 250 employees who were already required to submit their records electronically to OSHA on quarterly basis.

OSHA has also proposed that about 20 employees who have high injury and illness rates in some industries are required to submit the electronic record of their injuries related to work and other illnesses in the form of summary to OSHA once a year. Presently many companies are reporting such kind of information to OSHA under OSHA’s Data Initiative.

OSHA eventually decided to place its data online after high appreciation. OSHA will get great help from timely, specific injury and illness related data and will utilize its resources more effectively because it will then be easy for it to identify the work places where workers are at great risk and enable employers to compare their rates of injuries with others within the same industry.