NSC shares information parents need to know about teen driver safety:

One of the most prominent threats that teens face is the newly driven vehicle of their parents. But parents are unaware of these kinds of threats and also the risks that teen age drivers face. National Safety Council under the observance of National Teen Driver Safety Week, from Oct 20-26, gave a list of some very important points that parents need to know about safety of the teen drivers.

  1. The main cause of death for teens in U.S is car accidents.
  2. First 12 months after receiving the license is the most dangerous time period for a driver in the teen age.
  3. The accident risk of a driver in age of 20 and more is less than that of teen agers.
  4. Teen agers face most of the accidents because they are inexperienced and not because they are risk takers.
  5. One of the main causes of teen agers accidents is the teen passengers travelling with them and they increase the chance of the teen agers crashes up to 44%. So because of two inexperienced persons, the rate of fatal crashes automatically increases.
  6. The most fatal crashes of teen agers occur between the timings of 9 p. m and midnight.
  7. More than half of the teen agers were not restrained by seat belts that were killed in car accidents.
  8. Most of the states have no such kind of rules that truly protect teen agers from serious kind of accidents.
  9. According to a survey, teen agers get inspiration from their parents about driving and do really follow them in this aspect. So parents should be very conscious in this regard.
  10. The risk of crashes remain almost same even after getting the license and specially the accident rate of the young drivers just decrease at the age of 25 and afterwards.

The basic purpose of the National Teen Driver Safety Week was based on two aspects. The first one was to focus on parent’s education about safety of the teen drivers. Another one was to focus on parents to parent’s negotiation on some very important points to protect teens from fatal accidents.