FMCSA Orders “Bus Go Bus” to Immediately Cease All Commercial Vehicle Operations:

According to the orders of FMCSA, Philadelphia-based Bus Go Bus Inc. was banned to operate its commercial vehicles because its vehicles and drivers were found as huge danger for the safety of the public.

Anthony Foxx, secretary of the U.S transportation, said that they can’t endanger the lives of the bus passengers and other public by inexperienced bus drivers and unsafe vehicles. He also said that safety is foremost concern for them and they will keep trying hard for removing the bad factors from the highways and roads.

As part of the agency’s passenger carrier safety initiative, the team of FMCSA safety investigators conducted a survey on Bus Go Bus.

According to the survey, investigators found a lot of serious violations of many regulations of the federal safety, these include:

  • No maintenance and repair of vehicles
  • Falsified drivers were found on the duty
  • Failure of the submission of the vehicle inspection reports and safety documents by the drivers violating the federal regulations
  • Unqualified drivers being in work by the company
  • No medical certificates were seen for drivers
  • Drivers operating the vehicles at speeds that was more than posted speed limits

According to Anne S. Ferro, administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier, safely reaching the destination is the right of every passenger who boards a bus or a van. He also said that they are demanding from the bus and truck companies to follow the regulations of safety for protecting the lives and it will be totally unbearable to harm the travelers.

About more than 26 bus companies are rendered as out of service from April 2013 up till now since FMCSA has taken the charge and the above mentioned case is another one. The above case is the 19th one which was rendered as out of service amongst more than 50 “Operation Quick Strike”. After conducting the investigation, FMCSA ordered another 25 bus companies to cease their operations because they were having unsatisfactory safety ratings.

FMCSA announced about 10 trucking companies as out of service and blocked the license of seven drivers in the beginning of 2013 and declared them as ultimate hazard and blocked their operations in the state.

A safer bus mobile app launched by FMCSA clearly defines their role in the safety of the traveling public, and according to this a bus rider can get the free and quick review about the bus company and can check its previous record that whether it’s safe to travel through it or not before then can buy the ticket for it.

FMCSA the provided the facility of toll free service to the public, so that they can report against any unsafe bus company, any vehicle or driver.

According to the policy of the FMCSA, any person who has bought the ticket of a bus company and was recently ceased by FMCSA will be paid for his money by their credit card company if they have paid the money for the ticket by credit card under the Fair Credit Billing Act.