Frequently Asked Questions

1. When were Mann Consultant established and how much experienced its team members are?

1:Ans. It was established in 1986 and our team has nearly 100 years of combined experience in the trucking industry.

2. What kind of services do Mann Consultants provide?

Ans. We provide multiple services like Controlled Substance and Alcohol services, Driver Qualification Files & Notification services, Safety Management Plans and training etc.

3:What are the timings for the provision of the services?

3:Ans. We provide services to our clients for 24 hours.

4. Why do people prefer you in availing the services of Mann Consultants only?

Ans. Because only we provide timely, accurate detailed report and services to our clients.

5. What are the easiest modes of communicating with Mann Consultants to avail their services?

Ans. There are different ways. You are free to call us at our numbers as well can send us emails or fax.

6. With whom you are associated in working?

Ans. We are associated with different companies like Feeding America, Brilliant Programmers, and HCCC etc.

7. What makes you confident that you are working in a right way?

Ans. We are providing only related and accurate services to our clients as well as we stay abreast of the regulation changes at the Federal, State and local level that gives us confidence that we are moving in the right direction.

8. What is your basic industry to whom you are serving?

Ans. We are basically serving the trucking industry and motor carriers.

9. What level of feedback have you got up till now from your clients?

Ans. We are getting a good feedback and this can be shown from the increase in number of clients that we are getting day by day.

10. Where is the main office of Mann Consultants located?

Ans. It is located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Why file management program is necessar?

11. Why file management program is necessar?

Ans. It helps you to establish, organize, standardize, and maintain your company-required driver documentation, as well as comply with the Safety Performance History of New Drivers regulation.

12. What kind of information can be maintained in file management program?

Ans. This regulation requires you to maintain current and accurate driver files for three years, including: accident information, violations, substance abuse history, and much more.

13. What happens if driver qualification files are incomplete?

Ans. It has enormous cost and risk associated with it and can be harmful for the drivers.

14. What can be the consequences of expired driving license?

Ans. There is a huge potential for fines and drivers are at risk of placed Out-of-Service at a roadside inspection because of expired license.

15. What is the basic advantage of this service of file management program?

Ans. It provides access to real-time, online driver compliance information and detailed compliance reporting.

16. What can be the consequences of disobeying to drug and alcohol regulations?

Ans. Carriers caught without a program or with a non-compliant program, face being pulled off the road immediately for safety of the lives of others.

17. What basically drug and alcohol program specifies you?

Ans. It specifies that what you actually need to do to stay in compliance among the most complicated regulations targeting motor carriers.

18. What basic services are included in drug and alcohol program?

Ans. Substance Abuse Professional Services, written Drug and Alcohol Testing Program and Manual and required Forms and Recordkeeping Tools services are basic services provided by drug and alcohol program.

19. Are the services of drug and alcohol program costly?

Ans. These services are affordable at all times because you have an exact estimate of what you are being charged even in unusual situations and if you are following these programs, you will not be over charged.

20. In what situations you can get price protections by following these programs?

Ans. The situations can be Post-Accident Testing Emergencies, After-Hours Reasonable-Suspicion Situations and Out-of-State Collections.