CurrentEmergency Declarations, Waivers, Exemptions & Permits:

Some Emergency Declarations were issued by few states and FMCSA is coordinating with them. For the drivers and passengers who are interested to understand the true system and of FMCSA, the following applies for it:

Emergency Declaration Information:

In the United States, for providing the transportation and other emergency services to the affected area, president, Governors of the state or FMCSA may issue emergency declarations.

These declarations lead to the time being suspension of few Federal safety regulations which includes the hours of service for motor carriers and drivers that are involved in specific aspects of the efforts related to emergency relief.

A relaxation from the regulations of the FMCSA is just to maximum of 30 days but it can be increased if FMCSA itself wants that.

The relief that is currently available is reflected from the following information:

  1. The federal exemptions only apply for a few cases. Like they do not apply to CDL, drug/alcohol, dangerous materials, weight and size or state registration and requirements for the tax. But if a Governor wants, some of these declarations can be added.
  2. To get exempted from the safety regulations, one must be providing relief for the emergency and that emergency must be on going if it is still in effect.
  3. Emergency declarations are not necessary to be listed but to be in effect.
  4. Before taking part in any kind of relief activity, carriers and drivers must inform the officials of state and federal.
  5. Drivers and carriers must be careful about not permitting the fatigued and ill drivers to operate, even if the safety regulations are not being practiced and must avoid the hazard spreading drivers.