U.S. Department of Transportation Declares Texas Long-Haul Truck Driver to be an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety:

A truck driver named Scotty G. Arnst, who had license of Texas, was declared as ultimate hazard to public safety and was ordered by FMCSA not to operate any kind of commercial vehicle within the state.

Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the U.S transportation said that while driving on the highways and roads, safety should be the fore most priority of every driver. He also said that their authorities will work with law enforcement partners of the state for protecting the public by forcefully implementing the laws of traffic and also strict measures will be taken against drivers and regulation in the motor vehicles will be made compulsory. These regulations will save the lives as well as stop the needless crashes.

A commercial driver license holder, named Arnst, killed two persons while changing tire on the road on State Highway of Arkansas.

Later on in investigation by FMCSA, it was disclosed that Arnst was previously involved in five commercial motor vehicle crashes as well as was terminated as a high risk driving vehicle operator. As according to the Federal regulations, Arnst submitted an outdated medical certificate for operating the motor vehicles and also he had disqualifying medical conditions which he always had failed to disclose to employers.

According to the administrator of FMCSA, it is not acceptable for any truck or Bus Company as well as their drivers to break the laws and put the lives of travelers at risk. He also said that his authorities will continue with their efforts for preventing the commercial drivers from endangering the lives of people and also commercial drivers that are not safe for public from driving.

FMCSA rendered Arnst as out of service based upon some of the facts like his unsafe pattern of driving, road crashes, violating the local laws, falsifying the employment applications after crashing, failure to disclose his medical situation, and finally violating the safety regulations of federation.

FMCSA has blocked the operations of about nine commercial drivers in this year and has declared them as ultimate danger.