U.S. Department of Transportation Declares New Mexico Long-Haul Truck Driver to be an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety

According to FMCSA, a Mexico licensed truck driver was declared as devastating hazard for the safety of the public and they ordered him not to operate any commercial vehicle in the state premises. U.S transportation security ensures the safety of the nation by pushing away those drivers from the road that is injurious for public safety. Leading this towards the case of a person in Cleveland, who was carrying a very heavy tanker with 2400 gallon propane and it, got overturned releasing hazardous materials. So he was charged for it and police was also investigating for it.

FMCSA administrator declared that their inspectors and investigators are working with local and state partners to enforce vehicles safety rules. It would be unbearable for FMCSA to violate the laws and putting the life of travelers at risk.

From the past few years, millions of roadside inspections are conducted by federal and state safety inspectors. A lot of CDL holders were placed out of service due to alcohol consumption and violation of federal rules. The number of violations decreased from 2010 to 2011 due to such strict measures. Random drug and testing programs should be conducted for drivers because to operate under the influence of alcohol is banned. FMCSA regulates that higher percentage of CDL drivers must be conducted drug and alcohol tests. Newly hired drivers must also be inspected to avoid significant crashes.