BgXpress LLC

We would like to thank Mann Consultant Services for all their help and hard work. We use their drug and alcohol testing services for all pre-employment and random testing and always get results in timely manner to keep our fleet productive. We have nothing but high praise for everyone who is there and always can count on them to help answer any questions we have had. We look forward to continue our partnership in keeping the highways safe and our trucks moving.
Igor Kuvac
BgXpress LLC

Mercer Transportation

For virtually all of Mercer’s thirty year history, Mann Consultant Services have been an integral part of our safety program.
The reason is simple.  Mann Consultant Services can provide expert assistance with any aspect of motor carrier safety.
Not only can they provide mock audits of Driver Qualification files and Hours of Service compliance, but they also have the ability to train in-house personnel to ensure that these items are compiled and audited correctly at all times.
They can provide drug testing services, or provide the training for client employees to become certified in the procedure.  They provide training for driver and employee HM 232 compliance and can either inspect client vehicles or train and certify company employees in truck inspections.  Mann Consultant Services is an excellent source for accurate information and interpretation of the cargo securement regulations.
Their unique and long-term relationships with FMCSA officials and various state agencies are invaluable to Mercer’s continuing efforts to be fully compliant with all state and Federal safety regulations at all times.  They are always just a phone call away should any question or problem arise concerning any aspect of motor carrier safety.  If needed, Mann Consultant Services can provide expert testimony in the event of litigation due to an accident.
Throughout its history, Mercer Transportation Company has been committed to keeping the highways safe.  Our safety record reflects that commitment.  Mann Consultant Services has played, and continues to play, a significant part in making our commitment a reality.

Len Dunman
Safety Director
Mercer Transportation

Paschall Truck Lines

We have utilized the services of Mann Consultant Services for many years.  They have assisted us with all of our DOT compliance issues.  Paschall Truck Lines would recommend Mann Consultant Services to any other motor carrier.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Mann Consultant Services.
Mann Consultant Services can provide expert assistance with mock audits of Driver Qualification files and Hours of Service compliance, but they also have the ability to train in-house personnel to ensure that these items are compiled and audited correctly at all times.

John Hayman
Vice President of Safety & Risk Management
Paschall Truck Lines

Mark Allen Transportation, Inc.

We began using Mann Consultant when we started over 5 years ago in the transportation industry. This has proven to be one of the most valuable decisions I have made for this company. Mr. Troy Mann has helped to reduce personnel costs as well as provide better management of regulatory compliance by qualified professionals. In addition, Mann Consultants provides us with driver log/hours of service audits, driver qualification file setup and maintenance, drug testing and consortium service, compliance reviews, training and certifications to personnel, and attended many of our safety meetings. Telephone support is always available to answer all our questions. His office staff is top notch and always willing to help.
We would highly recommend Mann Consultant to any transportation carrier. They have proven to be a great asset in the operation of our company.

Mark Allen
Mark Allen Transportation, Inc.


We have used Mann Consultant Service for a wide range of training including Drivers Record of Duty Status/Hours of Service Compliance Audit, Controlled Substance/Alcohol, Random Consortium, and Driver Qualification Files/Notification. Knowledgeable instructors, who present the material in
an easy-to-follow format, covered the subjects in detail. I personally have gone through the Truck Motor Vehicle Regulations class and would recommend it for supervisors, and operators. It was very informative and opened my eyes to aspects of the regulations that were confusing before.
I want to say thank you for the wonderful service! It’s been such a pleasure working with your staff. Mann Consultant provides the best service in the industry for owner/operators hands down. Your commitment to success and how you care for your clients is unsurpassed!
I continue to be impressed by the quality of service I receive from Mann. All your consulting and training personnel have been courteous and extremely helpful as we try to maintain, improve and grow our safety
program. I look forward to working with Mann for all my business needs!

Scott Hale
Logistics Warehouse Operations Manager
Service First Warehouse and Distribution, LLC

Nall’s Specialized Hauling

We have been in business for 11 years. Before Nall’s hired Mann Consultant Services, I always worried about staying current on all DOT transportation regulations. Over the past 8 years, Mann has been our consultant.
Now that we have Mann Consultant in our corner, I rest easy because of the confidence I have in Mann’s ability to keep us in compliance with all DOT regulations. Mann Consultant is a first rate company.
They do an outstanding job for their clients. When we have a question or concern, they handle it immediately.
They provide our company with numerous services of which a few are safety meetings, drug testing, hazmat certification, and audits of driver log books. I would highly recommend Mann to any trucking company.
Our company is a better company for having Mann Consultant on our team. I would be very apprehensive about doing business today without Mann Consultant on my side.

Charles Nall
Nall’s Specialized Hauling

Keystops LLC

A parent company to Key Oil, Service Transport, and Southern Kentucky Maintenance, is honored to have Mann Consultant Services as a business partner. We have been a business partner for over 20 years, and Mann Consultant Services, Inc. has assisted us tremendously in our regulatory compliance. We are using all of their services, including Hours of Service Auditing, Driver Qualification, Driver Notification, Random Consortium, Drug and alcohol testing and FMCSA Auditing and Hazardous Materials training And Log Training. We order all our J.J. Keller supplies through them, and have found that they have saved us between 10 to 30%.on supplies.
With Mann’s knowledgeable staff and dedication to the success of our business, we are pleased to have them associated with our name, and would highly recommend their services to other motor carriers.

Richard “Dickie” Shepherd
Safety Director
Keystops, LLC

Cox Interior Inc.

We have been using the services of Mann Consultant Services for many years. I am impressed with their knowledge of Dot regulations and appreciate them keeping our company informed of any changes in regulations or rules.
Our company went through a Dot audit, and with the help of Troy and Mann Consultants we came out with a satisfactory rating. Troy was with us all during the audit, and was extremely helpful. It was reassuring having him here to advise us.
Mann Consultant Services audits our logs, tracks our drug testing, and reminds us when our medical, driver’s license, and yearly reviews are due. Their office staff is courteous and helpful whenever we call.
We purchase all our J.J. Keller supplies from them at a discounted price.
We feel confident that we are Dot compliant because of the services of Mann Consultant Services.

Tim Reynolds
Transportation Manager
Cox Interior Inc.

Houchens Industries, Inc.

We have been utilizing Mann Consultant Services since 1988. Mann Consultants has played a major role in regards to the safety of our company and drivers, and their staff is eager to assist you in any way possible and is always available to answer any questions that arise. Mann Consultant Services maintains our driver’s files, where they are kept in full compliance and they provide us with log and safety meetings on an annual basis. Houchens drivers are also enrolled in their random drug and alcohol consortium. I would highly recommend Mann Consultant Services to any motor carrier.

Kendall Kinslow

Houchens Industries, Inc.

Bowling Green, Ky

Sunshine Truck Line, Inc.

We have been doing business with Mann Consultant Services since 2001. They have helped us with ordering supplies. They maintain our driver files where they are kept in compliance. We utilize their random drug and alcohol program. They audit our driver’s logs, perform safety meetings and if there is a DOT audit, Troy or Ernie Mann will be there for you to help in any way possible. Troy or Ernie will answer any question that you have. All of Mann Consultant staff is excellent people to work with. I would highly recommend them to any carrier.
Joe Langton
Bowling Green, Kentucky
Sunshine Truck Line, Inc.

Neat & Wilson, Neat & Roberts, NWN and Tarter Gate Companies

We have been working with Mann Consultant Services for several years. The services that Mann and their staff offer are a must for our companies. Their knowledge of the trucking industry and how to maintain a close relationship with their clients is essential for any size operation. I highly recommend that any one that operates a single truck or hundreds take the time to sit down and discuss their operation with Mann Consultant Services. I can guarantee that they will be able to help your operation run smoothly so that you can concentrate on your business without all the worries of keeping up with the ever changing laws and regulations that our businesses have to endure. Giving Mann Consultant Services the opportunity to come work closely with our companies has been one of the best decisions that we have ever made.
Scotty Lynn
Fleet Manager
Neat & Wilson Inc
Neat & Roberts Inc
NWN Dist. Inc
Tarter Gate Co

Equity Group of Kentucky Division LLC

We operate a small private fleet that is committed to the safety of its employees and the motoring public. Mann Consultant Services has played a major role in helping us to keep our Fleet Safety efforts compliant with all FMCSA regulations.
Our relationship with Mann Consultant Services has been ongoing for several years. They have provided us training and certification where needed and have conducted mock audits and compliance reviews to keep us prepared and ready for an official review.
Some of the most important services that they supply to our company include vast knowledge of all the FMCSA regulations, unique contacts within the law enforcement community and the fact that they are always just a phone call away when we need help. There have been several occasions where they have provided clarification on certain regulations with simply a phone call.
We are proud to have Mann Consultant Services in our corner helping us to keep Fleet Safety a priority.
David Monroe
Transportation Manager
Equity Group – Kentucky Division, LLC

Bowling Green Recycling LLC

I just wanted to THANK YOU for the great services that you and your staff provide for Bowling green
Recycling, LLC. We have utilized your services since 2003 and have enjoyed the security, protection and
satisfaction knowing that Mann Consultant Services is on the job.
You and your staff have been very helpful through the years and we credit our D.O.T. satisfaction rating to your
knowledge and support in all our D.O.T. matters. Bowling Green Recycling received a satisfactory rating from
our 2007 D.O.T. audit thanks to your intervention and helpfulness during the audit process. It was nice to know
that you were on-site during the entire audit to address all the D.O.T. issues.
The monthly auditing services of Mann Consultant Services keeps us up to date with the latest D.O.T.
requirements and your staff is very quick to point out any deficiencies and required corrective measures in our
recordkeeping procedures. We do not have any D.O.T. issues because you keep us on track.
Any business with trucking operations could benefit from the knowledge of your staff. Keep up the excellent
work and again, THANK YOU from all of us at Bowling Green Recycling.

James T. Lofton

Bowling Green Recycling LLC

Logi Transportation

We have been with Mann Consultant Services for approximately 3 plus years. Logi receives great service from Mann Consultant. They answer all our questions in a timely manner. They audit our Logs, Drug Testing, and maintain our driver files. Their correspondence with me is on a daily basis. Troy knows the regulations better than anyone I have ever met. Our safety rating is Satisfactory, thanks to the great work that Mann Consultant Services has done for us. The employees in the office are good to work with and they go the distance to deliver the best service possible. We would highly recommend there services to other carriers.

Michael Davis
Safety Director
Logi Transportation
Portland, TN

Kenny Rogers Productions

Mann Consultant Services has been our preferred company to help us with our bus and truck fleet DOT compliances for over 13 years. Troy Mann and the entire Mann Consultant staff are always there for us to help with any questions or concerns we may have. Their interest in our company and their willingness to take care of our needs is very important. We have a wonderful working relationship and we appreciate them in every aspect of business.
Debbie Cross
Tour Assistant
Kenny Rogers Productions

Hollingsworth Companies

Troy and the folks at Mann Consultant Services have been extremely helpful for Hollingsworth Oil and Lynn Transport. In addition to all out DOT files, they have helped us with our security plan, audits and driver training. We haul hazardous materials over a large area so being in compliance is critical; Mann helps us with all these things. They certainly make our jobs a lot easier.
Chris Williams, SPHR
Director, Human Resources/Rick Management
Hollingsworth Companies

On Time Courier

When I added tractor-trailers to my business. I immediately knew I needed to hire a consulting firm to handle the DOT regulations, logs and drug test. I contacted Mann Consultant and I have to say that was one of the best decisions I made in regard to my business. Your very first DOT audit can be a nightmare but Mann Consultant was there for the very long three days and we came out with a satisfactory rating. They do seminars for your staff, individual meetings with drivers, to help them understand how to do logs. They also do a monthly audit of our logs. Being in their alcohol and drug pool is such a relief to me. When you call the office there is always a friendly voice to greet you. When you place a supply order with them you get a discount and every penny counts in this business. So now when I get a phone call saying it’s time for an audit I just smile because I have Mann Consultant on my side!!!!
Terry Smith
On Time Courier Inc
Lebanon, Ky

Ellis, LLC

Mann Consultants are the greatest group of people to work with. Anything and everything that we have ever asked of them always is completed fast and efficiently. We are so glad that we are able to have their services for all our business needs we utilize them for our random testing, Keller supplies, maintaining our driver files and auditing our driver’s logs.
Ellis Wrecker

KPS Transport

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Mann Consulting Services to any company running a truck fleet, rather large or small. Over the last five years it has been my pleasure to work with Troy and his knowledgeable staff. Maintaining a fleet of fifty trucks and forty drivers would be a full time job if not for the quick accessibility to answer regulatory questions and keeping our company updated on the ever changing DOT regulations. It’s like they have an office right down the hall. I am greatly impressed with the addition of Greg Hardin as a team member. His years of experience and commitment to customer service combine to provide a comfort level that our company is on track when it comes to driver training and all required DOT documentation. Just this week Greg was on hand to guide our company through a DOT Hazmat Audit. Because we had followed his past recommendations as to training and paperwork requirements, the audit was quick and painless.
I would recommend Mann Consulting Services to anyone running a motor fleet and look forward
to their continued service to our company.

Kenny Mullins
KPS Transport

Tony’s Wrecker Service, Inc.

Mann Consultants has been a tremendous asset to our company. We have a fleet of 12 wreckers and 8 drivers and I know our DOT records are kept up to date and correct by the staff at Mann Consultants. The staff is knowledgeable and available any time I have questions and concerns with laws and any new regulations that affect our company.
Nick Schade
Director of Operations
Tony’s Wrecker Service, Inc
Louisville, KY

Franklin Express, Inc.

We are a small motor common carrier based in south central Kentucky. Our relationship with Mann Consultants is a long one. We use them exclusively for all our regulation needs. Earnest and Troy have a vast knowledge of all aspects of the rules and regulations of theFMCSA. They monitor our logs monthly and do safety seminars as needed. When we have questions, they have always been available. Their office staff has also been very helpful. We at Franklin Express are very pleased with their services. It is our pleasure to recommend them as a very responsive and knowledgeable company that would be a huge asset to any trucking operation.
Wayne Dean, Vice President
Franklin Express, Inc.

Feeding America

In any business, time is of the essence. Management of certain aspects of operations is a critical responsibility, from controlled substance testing and reasonable suspicion training, to ensuring that all driver documents and certifications are up to date. MANN Consultant Services has been providing Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, with the best service available in the motor carrier consultancy industry since 2010. Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland, works with 240 agencies to provide sustenance to the food-insecure in 42 counties. In turn, we rely on Mann Consultant Services to keep us on top of DOT requirements. The decision to work with MANN Consultant Services was a key move for our food bank to remain DOT compliant at all times. With a great, responsive and courteous staff, it is a pleasure to do business with MANN Consultant Services. This organization is highly recommended.
Director of Operations
Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland


Mann Consultant as been a tremendous asset to our company. Their knowledge and expertise in the safety and regulatory field are unsurpassed.
They take every call and answer every question within minutes, regardless of what time of day it is. Their relationship with the DOT officials is unique. BFL has a commitment to the general public to be as safe as we possibly can be. Ernie Mann and his team are a key in making our commitment become a reality. If you have any concerns or issues about your safety department being DOT compliant, you owe it to yourself to contact Mann Consultant.
Gale Rickard
Risk Management
BFL, Inc.

Coretrans, LLC

For virtually all of Consultant Services for any aspect of Safety regarding the Transportation business. They audit our driver logs for 11, 14 and 70 hour violations as well as pre and post trip inspections. Form, manner and audit for false logs. They maintain our driver files at their location where they are kept in full compliance. They do our random drug and alcohol selection. We order all our J.J. Keller supplies through them at a discounted price.
Mike Whitaker
Coretrans, LLC

Farris Evans – Ken Stephenson

As a transportation insurance agent with over 30 years of experience in the trucking industry, I have come to value the knowledge, advice, and relationship I have developed with Mann Consultant Services, Inc. I personally employed Mann when I worked with a 350 truck fleet in Middle Tennessee. Through my time working with Mann there, I learned of their invaluable knowledge first hand, and also learned that they are truly excellent people to do business with. Throughout my decade-long relationship with Mann, I have not only employed their services personally, but also assuredly referred many clients to them because of their excellent understanding of the industry and eagerness to serve their clients.
Ken Stephenson
Executive Vice President
Memphis, Tennessee
Toll Free (800) 395-8207 (Ext. 117)
Fax (901) 272-0207
Mobile (615) 300-3159


It is very hard to describe Troy Mann and Mann Consultant Service with few words, Troy personally helped us to overcome huge hurdles in our operation. He and his staff are very knowledgeable about the work they are doing. We can only strongly recommend to all transportation and logistics participants to use Mann Consultant services for their companies as they will guide you the right way and keep your company on the right track. During our recent audit Troy helped us navigate and comply with DOT, I do feel better about my daily operation now as I can spend more time growing my business and Mann is making sure that I comply with the regulations.

Thank You Troy for being there for us.
Mirsad Osmanovic