Record of Duty Status & Hours of Service Compliance Audit

Mann Consultant Services, Inc. will amaze you like we have amazed our clients with our State of the Art Record of Duty Status Audits. We have made significant investments in technology that provides our clients with timely accurate and detailed reports.

Customers send the logs to our home office in Elizabethtown, KY, or if your drivers that send logs via TransFlo, we can pull a copy from TransFlo. Customers are not limited to a type of log; clients can use any log they choose.

Every log is audited for the 11Hour Rule, 14 Hour Rule, 70 Hour Rule, and Form and Manner violations. Clients can have additional audits including Fueling Verification and Point-to-Point Verification.

Driver Violation Reports and Manager Reports are provided detailing all types violations, dates of violations, and beginning and ending times of the violations. These reports are excellent tool for determining which drivers are in non-compliance. Additionally our clients use these reports in conjunction with their Hours of Service Policy.

Generally, logs are returned within one week to you for record retention requirements.