FMCSA’s “Operation Quick Strike” Shuts Down Another Unsafe Bus Company

FMCSA has banned another company named Va-based passenger carrier because its drivers and vehicles were devastating for the environment.

Motor coaches and mini buses are providing services throughout the mid- Atlantic region as operated by advanced ventures.

According to U.S transportation secretary, safety is their priority and any company violating the laws of public safety are not allowed to operate.

According to the investigation of FMCSA about dangerous passenger carriers, investigators found that Advanced Ventures are rejecting the annual vehicle inspection rather than meeting the safety standards by maintaining their vehicles. In the onsite inspections conducted, 39 safety violations were reported and 2 of the vehicles were reported as hazards and were banned.

According to the report of investigators, drivers were allowed to carry passengers before receiving drug and alcohol tests results according to the owners of Advanced Ventures and it is against the federal regulations. Also company violates the rules by dispatching those drivers whose medical certificate has expired. Also the drivers were not accountable for any service records and other documentation like fuel receipts.

Administrator of FMCSA reported that companies that are denying the rules of safety on the roads are not allowed to operate further. And also FMCSA is continuing its duty to close those companies and drivers operations that are putting the lives of people at risk.

FMCSA has issued a lot of companies out of service according to the survey of their investigators. In the last few weeks, FMCSA have rendered few of the companies as out of service in the areas of Columbia, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Ohio, Massachusetts, Mississippi, New York, South Carolina, Utah and Virginia. From the start of the year 2013, FMCSA has issued out of service to the 21 bus and eight truck companies. Also agency has blocked six commercial drivers mentioning them as ultimate hazard and ceased their operations within the state.

FMCSA provides safe travel by providing traveling record and previous performance of bus companies so that passengers feel safe while travelling with any company.

FMCSA also provides its checklist to the passengers before using the service of any bus company. Also FMCSA provides its toll free numbers to report any kind of unsafe bus company. The fair of passengers will be returned back if they have paid via credit card through Fair Credit Billing Act if the bus company has recently been placed out of service by FMCSA.