FMCSA Orders Colorado Trucking Company to Immediately Cease Operations for Continuing to Endanger Public Safety

Commerce City-Colo, Inc. was ordered to cease its trucking operations because it was declared as a hazard by FMCSA to the safety of the public. This company’s trucks basically transport debris from one place to another. This company has been violating the laws of FMCSA from last few years and still doing so FMCSA ceased the operations of the company. Transportation secretary declared that they will not allow endangering the lives of the public and all the unsafe vehicles will be removed from the roads.

FMCSA reported that this company has failed to inspect and maintain its vehicles to ensure the safety. After the inspection of FMCSA, each of their vehicles was ceased because of violating safety.

FMCSA’s administrator mentioned that their safety regulations protect everyone who is using the road, not specified for any one individual. Those companies who can’t follow the safety rules will face shutting down of their company along with penalties because good condition of the vehicle and qualification of the driver is the responsibility of the company.

The investigators have shown that this company has no background check on their drivers for ensuring whether they have license or not or whether they are qualified or not.

This trucking company has to face a lot of problems because of violation of the laws like civil penalties and interest was imposed to them by FMCSA. Apart from that they have to pay fines up to $25,000 and also have to face imprisonment if they fail to follow the out of service order.