FMCSA Declares Kansas-based Carrier Midnight Express to be an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety

Kan based passenger carrier Midnight Express was ordered by FMCSA to cease its operations because the owners of the company were using unauthorized commercial transportation service.
U.S transportation secretary announced that there is nothing more important than safety. Passengers should have a feeling of safety while sitting in a vehicle and it should be properly maintained and operated by a qualified driver. Vehicles that are not safe are not allowed to operate.
A passenger was travelling on a coach to the Kansas City, fell out of the door onto the road and was struck by other vehicle. Later when inspection was made by Kansas Highway Patrol, it was found that all the emergency exit windows were blocked. Also there was severe problem with the brakes of the vehicle and engine exhaust leaks beneath passenger compartment.
FMCSA administrator appreciated the work of Kansas Highway Patrol for performing their duty in a good way. Also FMCSA expressed to strengthen their partnership for removing unsafe commercial vehicles from the road and protect public travelling.
Carrying the findings of the Kansas Highway inspectors, FMCSA has launched a federal investigation according to which Midnight express owners was not able to ensure that its drivers are qualified and have obeyed the federal hours of service regulation. Disobeying the federal regulations as well, drivers were not taken any drug or alcohol test. Also the Midnight Express owners failed in obtaining USDOT operating authority and carrying $5 million liability in insurance as federally required for all the passenger carriers.
FMCSA provides safe travel by providing traveling record and previous performance of bus companies so that passengers feel safe while travelling with any company.
FMCSA also provides its checklist to the passengers before using the service of any bus company. Also FMCSA provides its toll free numbers to report any kind of unsafe bus company. The fair of passengers will be returned back if they have paid via credit card through Fair Credit Billing Act if the bus company has recently been placed out of service by FMCSA.