DOT drug and alcohol testing

DOT Drug and alcohol testing:
Compliance is Not an Option
You are required to have a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program when you use vehicles that weigh more than 26,000 lbs., or if it carries more than 16 passengers, or if you transport hazardous materials that need a placard. DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations are very specific about what you need to do to stay in compliance, among the most complicated regulations targeting motor carriers. If you fail to have a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program or if your program fails to measure up to the DOT regulations, you are risking serious trouble for yourself in the form of penalties.
Failure to follow the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing regulations is considered a ‘red flag’ violation. Carriers caught without a program or with a non-compliant program face being pulled off the road immediately for safety of the lives of others. After that, you risk heavy fines, DOT audits and permanent out-of-service orders for you and your drivers. The DOT can even ban you from managing a motor carrier operation ever again. So Mann Consultants basically help you out in following the rules of DOT in a good way.
Take the Worry Out of DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing
You need a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing program that keeps your motor carrier operation safe from the threat of the DOT. You also need to watch your expenses and make sure that your program is affordable at all times. You don’t want to be dealing with any ‘nasty surprises’ in terms of different penalties and sudden price increases.
Services of Mann Consultants take the stress and worry out of setting up and running a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program. We have worked with more than 35,000 motor carriers of every size, type and budget. We build programs for our carriers that fit their individual needs but all of our programs are based on three core ideas, which are following.

Expertise and experience
You need a guarantee that your DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program follows all of the DOT’s complex regulations. With Mann Consultant Services, you can be sure that you will have everything that you need to be compliant to that of DOT regulations. Mann’s programs have been subjected to thousands of DOT audits. Our DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing services include:
• All Testing Types (Including Scientifically-Valid Random Testing);
• DHHS-Certified Laboratory Services;
• Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services;
• Medical Review Officer (MRO) Services;
• Written Drug and Alcohol Testing Program and Manual;
• Required Forms and Recordkeeping Tools;
• Personalized Driver Cards;

Best Service level
A successful DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program isn’t one that much simple. You need a provider that goes the extra-mile and understands the world that motor carriers like you operate in. At Mann, we believe in providing the highest level of customer service. We have been working with motor carriers for more than twenty years and recognize your unique needs. Every Mann DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program includes:
• Access to More Than 9,000 Collection Sites Nationwide;
• Free Consultation with Highly Trained Compliance Specialists Whenever You Need it; and
• 24/7/365 Coverage for Emergency Drug and Alcohol Testing (Including Post-Accident and Reasonable-Suspicion Testing).
Affordability and convenience
Many motor carriers only consider the cost of Random testing. But a DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program should be affordable at all times. With a Mann DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing Program, you always know what you will pay, even in unusual situations. The last thing you need in a testing emergency is the ‘nasty surprise’ of an inflated bill. With Mann, you receive price protection during:
• Post-Accident Testing Emergencies;
• After-Hours Reasonable-Suspicion Situations;
• Out-of-State Collections;