DOT compliance and Trucking needs

As safety compliance professionals, companies assess your DOT compliance and safety needs and offer you a variety of very affordable services to choose from. Every motor carrier deserves to have a Safety Director watching out for their best interests.
A team of specialized commercial trucking consults provides DOT compliance services for all of your compliance needs. The affordable rates will enable to you focus on the business operations while Trucking Qualification Services will focus on keeping you in compliance. Different companies offer customized services for all sized fleets to meet your operating requirements. For some safety means, different companies audit your existing driver qualification files to determine the current status. Also provide a report of our finds detailing our recommendations. They can provide you with New Driver qualification files including all required forms and background screening.
Trucking Qualification Services can develop and maintain a preventative maintenance schedule policy for your company. In general, usually company’s monthly Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling Record Keeping service includes the provision of advance notification of annual DOT inspection. Also companies can provide advance notification of insurance expiration; and provide compliance reporting for preventative maintenance scheduling in accordance with the Company’s policy of frequency.
Making sure that all the points in the DOT compliance check list are covered is part of running a trucking company. Also, if your business conducts state-to-state commerce, then it’s important to remember that the government requires you to comply with both the CDL and drug and alcohol checklists. Here’s a look at the major portions of each.
• Ensuring that all your drivers have copies of the DOT policies.
• Keeping the results of pre-employment drug tests for all your drivers on file.
• Making sure that driver is not allowed to perform safety-sensitive tasks, including delivering loads, until and unless their drug tests have been returned and are confirmed to be negative.
• Making sure that these checks occur immediately after the drivers are notified that the tests will take place.