OSHA announces proposed new rule to improve tracking of workplace injuries and illnesses:

November 13, 2013
According to OSHA, safety and health of work place can be improved by keeping a complete record of injuries and illnesses at the work place. According to the annual Occupational Injuries and Illnesses report by Bureau of Labor Statistics, about three million workers got injured in 2012 while they were on their duty. According to the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, three million injuries being reported in the workers ... Read more »

CurrentEmergency Declarations, Waivers, Exemptions & Permits:

November 8, 2013
Some Emergency Declarations were issued by few states and FMCSA is coordinating with them. For the drivers and passengers who are interested to understand the true system and of FMCSA, the following applies for it: Emergency Declaration Information: In the United States, for providing the transportation and other emergency services to the affected area, president, Governors of the state or FMCSA may issue emergency declarations. These declarations lead to the time being suspension of few ... Read more »

Trucking company cited for lack of training, programs for work in permit-required confined spaces:

November 6, 2013
A trucking company was recently cited by OSHA for violating the health and safety rules up to 11 in number and one out of them was done willingly. This was done because of lack of their confined space program and other dangers at the work place. This issue got attention after the death of a worker who was cleaning a tank without any training and this lead to his death because of ... Read more »

FMCSA officially exempts short-haul drivers from break requirement:

November 4, 2013
According to the policies of FMCSA, a rule regarding compulsory break requirement was set for short- haul drivers. According to the rule of FMCSA, that driver who meets up the requirements of the short- haul exception of 150 air mile is not required to act in accordance with break of 30 minutes. The above mentioned rule is the answer of a decision made by U.S court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ... Read more »

FMCSA Orders “Bus Go Bus” to Immediately Cease All Commercial Vehicle Operations:

November 1, 2013
According to the orders of FMCSA, Philadelphia-based Bus Go Bus Inc. was banned to operate its commercial vehicles because its vehicles and drivers were found as huge danger for the safety of the public. Anthony Foxx, secretary of the U.S transportation, said that they can’t endanger the lives of the bus passengers and other public by inexperienced bus drivers and unsafe vehicles. He also said that safety is foremost concern for them and ... Read more »

ATA’s Graves says trucking continues to thrive despite challenges:

October 31, 2013
According to Bill Graves who is the president as well as the CEO of the American Trucking Associations, their company will keep on playing  its part in the economy of U.S, although they are facing a lot of hardships and are being forced to accept a lot of changes. Bill Graves also said that the most important aspect of the economy of America is the system of trucking and whole of the system ... Read more »

U.S. Department of Transportation Declares Texas Long-Haul Truck Driver to be an Imminent Hazard to Public Safety:

October 30, 2013
A truck driver named Scotty G. Arnst, who had license of Texas, was declared as ultimate hazard to public safety and was ordered by FMCSA not to operate any kind of commercial vehicle within the state. Anthony Foxx, Secretary of the U.S transportation said that while driving on the highways and roads, safety should be the fore most priority of every driver. He also said that their authorities will work with law enforcement ... Read more »

Government shutdown affecting hazmat special permits:

October 28, 2013
The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) got shut down because of the lowering standards in federal funding. Regarding its special permits, PHMSA made following announcements. Hazmat special permits: According to the announcement of the agency, all of the requests for hazmat special permits will get processed and reviewed when the government will be re opened. You must have applied for the renewal of a special permit at least 60 days before the ... Read more »

NSC shares information parents need to know about teen driver safety:

October 23, 2013
One of the most prominent threats that teens face is the newly driven vehicle of their parents. But parents are unaware of these kinds of threats and also the risks that teen age drivers face. National Safety Council under the observance of National Teen Driver Safety Week, from Oct 20-26, gave a list of some very important points that parents need to know about safety of the teen drivers. The main cause of ... Read more »

MAP-21 provisions incorporated into FMCSRs:

October 21, 2013
Surface transportation re authorization legislation of 21st century demanded from the FMCSA to follow certain regulations strictly as their final rule for getting further progress. Most of the authorized changes were implemented properly on Oct 1, 2012 while the remaining on Oct 1, 2013. For insurance of the consistent regulation with the applicable statutes of FMCSA, confirmed changes were made. Following the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) and with a good purpose and easy ... Read more »