ATA’s Graves says trucking continues to thrive despite challenges:

According to Bill Graves who is the president as well as the CEO of the American Trucking Associations, their company will keep on playing  its part in the economy of U.S, although they are facing a lot of hardships and are being forced to accept a lot of changes.

Bill Graves also said that the most important aspect of the economy of America is the system of trucking and whole of the system of economy is very important because a lot of people have invested in it.

Bill also talked about that fuel tax should be increased to fulfill the infrastructure needs of the nation.

According to some of the points given by Graves, a positive impact can be seen on trucking:

  • Efficiency of fueling standards
  • Electronic logging
  • A clear platform must be there for drug and alcohol testing
  • Use of natural gas must be increased for power trucks

According to the analysis of Graves, the main hindrance in the success of the industry is its large level of diversity and also the division of constituency. So the factors like rail roads, political environment or policies, high diesel fuel prices or shortages of drivers and regulatory environment in the states should not be blamed. And in this regard, ATA is promoting this agenda and protecting the interests of the people.

The largest trade association for the nation is the American Trucking Associations. ATA is the voice for all the trucking associations.